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Hero Trap 7 by pumpmonger
Hero Trap 7

Krush was very proud of her victory. None had been able to stand against the hero but she had claimed her heart. At the crossroads she and Aura set up a display rack to show off her trophy and warn any who would dare invade their territory. They nailed the hero high for all to see, her muscular body would be food for the birds. Once the flesh was gone her bones would be polished and used for mystic ceremonies. Krush kept the heart and showed off her prize in the village. At the dawn she would roast and devour it taking Red’s soul and power as her own. The next morning the village was filled with howls of rage.


“Where is it?! Who dares take it?!”


Krush tore through the village killing at least three warriors before calming enough to explain.


“Red’s heart is gone! Someone stole it!”


The village was searched but no heart. Krush suddenly froze. She remembered Red’s words. They had seemed out of place from the hero. But now, she wondered. Krush rushed from the village back to the crossroads. The frame was empty. She threw back her head and laughed.


“I do not know how you did this magic but I will be ready.”

Red is my character and creation  Krush belongs to and art is a commissions by trebuxet

Hero Trap 6 by pumpmonger
Hero Trap 6

Red wanted to reach up and take her revenge but somehow she could not move. She could only hang there in agony as Krush twisted and squeezed her mighty heart.


“The blade not only cuts but is coated with a poison that paralyses.” Krush said sensing the question in the violet eyes.  “Many have died at my hands but you are the prize. You are so strong and noble. I thank you Red.”


Red felt the pain grow and hear the ripping sucking noise of her heart pulling free. This was not the first time she had suffered in such a way but at least she had saved the girl. Krush stepped back and tossed the beating heart into her right hand, it felt so good as it beating in her palm. Red was strong the heart would beat for a long time.


“You can come out.” Krush said.


The lovely little blonde stepped next to her master and smiled. Red now realized the extent of her defeat.


“I told you Aura, the right bait can draw out your prey. This one is a true hero, she was sure to come with an innocent in danger.”


“I will make you both pay.” Red choked out in spite of the poisons.


The hero gasped her last as the girl giggled in delight.

Red is my character and creation  Krush belongs to and art is a commissions by trebuxet
Hero Trap 5 by pumpmonger
Hero Trap 5

While Krush was satisfied with her trap she realized it would not hold Red long. The powerful warrior was easily curl her body up and snap the rope when she got over her surprise. But Krush was going to make sure this would not happen. She dove forward rolling to close the distance come onto her feet and braced in front of Red. The bare freckled chest was open and exposed. Krush wondered at the power of the muscle.


“I have never done this on someone so big.” She thought. “Only one way to know if I can.”


She dove the blade on her left hand deep between the regal breasts of her trapped foe. She was pleased that she had the strong to punch through the heavy muscle and bone.


“UUUGGHHH!” Red gagged out in shock and surprise.


Krush twisted and pushed her hand deep grabbing the pounding heart.


“You are a big one.” She taunted.

Red is my character and creation  Krush belongs to and art is a commissions by trebuxet

Hero Trap 4 by pumpmonger
Hero Trap 4

The blows came fast and furious as Red and Krush battled. The green eyes shone with confidence into the flashing violet. But it was clear that Red was beginning to dominate the smaller champion. Krush began dodging and blocking more than attacking as Red pressed forward. Quick as a snake Red grabbed onto Krush’s arm and the lovely red head’s eyes went wide in shock, no one had ever been able to catch her like this. She pulled and kicked as she flipped her body, Red had to release her or eat foot. Krush continued the flip three times across the clearing and took up a defensive stance. Red leapt after to close the space to attack. Too later she saw the smile on Krush’s face.


“Trap! Dammit!” Red shouted and the rope locked on her mighty.


As fast as Red was the trap was faster and she was yanked off her feet and swung up into the air.


“Got you.” Krush purred.

Red is my character and creation  Krush belongs to and art is a commissions by trebuxet

Hero Trap 3 by pumpmonger
Hero Trap 3

Krush shook her arms and circled to the right and the warrior circled too. They eyed each other. She was the biggest warrior Krush had ever faced. The glory in killing her would be overwhelming.


“You’re the one they call Krush.” The warrior said.


“That’s right, Big Girl. So what do they call you?”




“Nice, it fits.” Krush smiled. “You have the tribes quaking in fear. The flame hair warrior that can defeat any number. No tribe knows where you will appear next. But now I have you.”


“I have not been hiding.” Red said.


“You ready to dance?” Krush asked.


“Just leave the girl alone and go on your way.” Red said.


“You afraid to die?” Krush taunted and Red shook her head.


The charged each other as if a signal had sounded. Neither spoke as they traded attacks and dodged blows. Red had size and power but Krush was faster and had the edge on skill. They parted to circle once more. They had the measure of each other. Again no words were spoken as they leapt gracefully at each other. They each knew that one was going to die in the next few minutes.

Red is my character and creation  Krush belongs to and art is a commissions by trebuxet



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Red is beheaded and dead, if this is truly her end who should be my new flagship character? 

120 deviants said Red had better not be dead!
31 deviants said Nathifa, the Princess is noble and strong.
13 deviants said Eleanor! She is the one to end Red's legend.
10 deviants said Viper the Sexy Vampire Babe
7 deviants said Bolt, she will avenge Red.
7 deviants said Kura, Red's Evil Double
7 deviants said Christy DuMont, the Golden Hero
6 deviants said Onyx the Cannibal Chief
5 deviants said Atalia, the Mighty Titan
4 deviants said Megan the Pirate Hunter


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