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Ultimate Warrior Contest
Children of Destiny were brought from all of time and space. Each Champions of Good and Evil, Gods and Demons, born to Rule and Lead. They would battle to see who was the Ultimate Warrior. Like Gods themselves they were powerful beyond mortal levels.  But out of the wastes of time came one not chosen, one not a Child of Destiny, a Wandering Warrior and Vagabond cursed by Fate. She was not there to rule or lead but to protect the innocent and those crushed beneath the boots of Destiny.

"You do not belong here!"

"Try and stop me." Red said.

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by the super talented :iconun-debido:
Warrior of the Wastes
Red is exhausted after battle. The temple of the evil cult is destroyed and the cult wiped out, But many friends are dead and all is a waste. The words of the evil priestess rings in her ears.

"You are Flame Hair Destroyer! All you can do is kill and destroy. All you touch dies!"

She looked around at the ruins and smoke.

"Maybe I am, but Evil has to be fought and resisted." She sighed. "There is always a price."

She was tired and longed for green fields and peace but this was not her Fate. She had to protect what she loved.

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by Super artist :iconplanetdarkone:
Too Late?
Sasha urged her horse on. The message had been filled with warnings of life and death. She owed Red all, her life, her soul and her very sanity. She had been the Dark Witch of the Woods, feared by the kingdom. The old king had sent the noble paladin out to destroy the witch. They fought a running battle for days and the noble warrior had cast her down. But Red did not kill her.

"There is good in your struggling to break free. Let me help you." The battered and bleeding warrior had asked.

"What?" The stunned witch felt warmth and light breaking her dark heart.

Red had saved her with a simple act of mercy. Instead of a threat she became a protector of the kingdom. Now Red needed her. She reached out with her power to locate the paladin. Tears filled her eyes, Red's spark of life was failing fast.

"Nooooooo!" The spark disappeared.

Minutes later she came on the scene which ripped her heart in two. Red hung limp and bleeding on a tree. Sasha leapt from the horse and ran to her dear friend. She used her magics to free her from the nails. Red dropped into her arms.

"Ugh! She is so heavy." She gasped lowing her to the ground.

She rubbed the face and checked the heart.

"You cannot die! I will not let you!"

Sasha quickly drew a circle around the warrior and began her spell.

Red and Sasha are my characters and creations, the art is by the super talented :iconredgvicente:
Shanna's Sorrow
Red fought on, her mighty body ridded with wounds. Time and again she used her own body to protect Princess Shanna. Spear, arrow and sword plunging deep. But enemies fell under her blades until finally her swords shattered and she was overwhelmed. She was dragged down.

"No!" Shanna howled. "Please spare her."

The warlord stopped his warriors as they were about to behead the red head.

"Swear you will willingly marry me and I will spare her life." He rumbled.

"I swear it!" Shanna said from her knees.

"You know what to do, Boys." The warlord said.

The warriors laughed. They dragged Red's limp form and nailed her to the trunk.

"No! You are killing her!" Shanna screamed.

One of the warrior's listened at the broad freckled chest.

"Heart is still beating. But not for long."

They all laughed as Shanna struggled to reach her champion.

"I spared her. Keep your word." The warlord said.

Shanna could only weep as they pulled her away toward the city and her fate.

Red is my character and creation, the art is by the super talented :iconredgvicente:

part one  Last Stand by pumpmonger
Moonlight Ambush
Noah saw the blue woman slip into Red's room ahead of him. He was a bit annoyed. HE wanted to have fun with Red that night but now someone else beat him to it. He quickly got over his annoyance and smiled wickedly. He realized he could watch the two from the sky light. But when he reached the sky light it was blocked by a blue mist.

"Who is this woman?" He wondered.

Now he was curious. He had to find out more. Noah staked out Red's doorway and waited. The blue woman came out and he got a good look at her.

"Wow! She is hot!" He thought. "No wonder Red likes her."

The woman quickly made her way to Bolt's room. She paused for a moment and smiled before slipping into the room.

"First Red and now Bolt? She is amazing."

He waited but the sun came up and only Bolt exited her room.

"Where did she go?

Noah slept lazily all day in the sun only waking when Red rubbed his belly. He wanted to ask her who the blue woman was but did not want her to know he had been spying on her. Instead he waited and watched at Red's door that night again. Sure enough the blue woman came. She reached for the door but stopped. She seemed to think for a moment then headed for the yard and the lake beyond. Noah followed using his stocking skills to stay hidden. She reached the lake and waded in. She slipped into the water and swam gently in the moonlight. Noah passions grew at the sight of this pale beauty.

"I will catch her and make tell me who she is." He purred imaging that sexy body struggling in his power.

He slipped into the water and moved into position as the beauty rose dripping wet.

"That is it, you little monster." Moonlight thought.

Red had told her all about Noah. She would teach the boy not to stock people.

"He is a handsome boy."

Moonlight is my character and creation, Noah belongs to Red LOL, and is owned by, the art is also a commission by  :iconangsthewicked:


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Hi folks,

If you plan to do anything for my Halloween Jam time is getting short. Please send me anything you would like posted as soon as you can.
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Midori and Red are nearing the end, who should win and who should die? 

78 deviants said Midori dies, wicked warriors must be punished!
33 deviants said Red dies, I love to see the hero fall!


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