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Ravager by pumpmonger
No one remembered a time without the dragon. For centuries on the shifting of the seasons it was time to offer a sacrifice, The lottery would start and the offering would be taken to the hill. Centuries of the best and most attractive given to Ravager.  The day after there would be only a splash of blood and a few pieces of flesh. Brave armored knights and mighty wizards came to rid the land of Ravager but none returned from battle. Then one came different from the rest, no armor, no spells, no bragging.

"I will be you sacrifice this season." She said quietly saving the son of the inn keeper.

The handsome grateful lad made her last days ones filled with pleasure. The day came and they dress her for sacrifice. She handed the young man a bundle.

"Just leave this at my feet." She said giving him a kiss.

"Will I ever see you again?" He said holding back tears.

"You never know." She said with a smile.

Never had their been a more brave and beautiful sacrifice.

Red did not had long to wait. She could feel the growing heat and sweat poured down her mighty body. She tested her bonds, she would easily snap the ropes. At her feet was the bundle with her sword. Now she just had to wait for the dragon to get close. Ravager rose up behind her and Red's violet eyes went wide. The sword would be no help.

"You are bigger than I expected. I am going to have to do this the hard way."

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by the cool and hot boobella
Stronger than Stone by pumpmonger
Stronger than Stone
The sorcerer though his castle walls would be strong enough. That his demon horde was enough. That his unearthly powers would be enough. He would marry the Princess and rule with terror.

He learned the true meaning of power and terror before he died!

Red is my character and creation the art is a commission by awesome artist rock-leone…
Blazing Glory by pumpmonger
Blazing Glory
"Summer is coming. Should I wear a new outfit, maybe my hair up?"

If you have ideas for a new look for Red let me know and we can show them off. Just remember the poor girl cannot cover he mighty chest.

Red is my character and creation, the lines were done by the great jebriodo  the colors are by new Red friend savagesylva
Mel-icious by pumpmonger
Red has been training her new student hard. She is proud of the growing power and skill in Mel. Each day the young girl is becoming a great hero. Each night she keeps sneaking into Red's bed to learn even more.

Red is my character and creation, Melissa is own by and the art is a commission by the awesome friend angs the wicked
What a Bunch of Losers by pumpmonger
What a Bunch of Losers
"You were sure right about how to draw them out." Jade said.

"There is only one way to get roaches like the Black Triangle Cult to gather. They love defeated victims." Red replied.

"You wounds feeling all right?" Jade leaned close.

"Your healing spell worked fine. I was worried they hit you too hard. It was all I could do to stick the plan."

Jade laughed.

"You should not worry."

"You are right. They were no match for us." Red chuckled.

"What a bunch of losers."

Red and Jade are my characters and creations, the art is a commission by Red lover  Hayame


United States
Current Residence: North Central Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Hi folks,

If you plan to do anything for my Halloween Jam time is getting short. Please send me anything you would like posted as soon as you can.
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Classical
  • Reading: History
  • Watching: COPS
  • Playing: Total War
  • Eating: Asian
  • Drinking: Water

Red is beheaded and dead, if this is truly her end who should be my new flagship character? 

133 deviants said Red had better not be dead!
37 deviants said Nathifa, the Princess is noble and strong.
17 deviants said Eleanor! She is the one to end Red's legend.
13 deviants said Viper the Sexy Vampire Babe
10 deviants said Christy DuMont, the Golden Hero
7 deviants said Bolt, she will avenge Red.
7 deviants said Kura, Red's Evil Double
6 deviants said Onyx the Cannibal Chief
5 deviants said Atalia, the Mighty Titan
5 deviants said Megan the Pirate Hunter


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