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The dance reached its climax and Nathifa stood arms raise, panting and covered in sweat. The musicians squealed in delight and ran to the princess hugging her. Nathifa had no servants, only friends and she was very close to them. Small hands and soft lips explored her with loving familiarity. Nathifa giggled under the tickling touches. Suddenly the far wall cracked and burst. The girls screamed as huge insects charged in.

"Get behind me!" Nathifa shouted as she grappled with one of the giant beasts.

She was stunned by the strength of the monster. She was having a hard time finding a good footing to wrestle the beast.

Nathifa is my character and creation the art is a commission by my amazing and talented friend :iconpeter-the-tomato:…
The Music Flows in Her Heart
The musicians picked up the tempo and speed as the Princess dances. Soon her dusky skin shone with sweat as her heart beat rapidly to the beat of the drum. This was her joy, this was her peace, this was her true life! The musicians gasped as Nathifa began to sing to the music. Rarely did she sing but she had a glorious voice. She sang not of battle but of the land and her people. How much she loved them.

Continuing from here 

Mature Content

The Glory of the Dawn by pumpmonger

Nathifa is my character and creation the art is a commission by my amazing and talented friend :iconpeter-the-tomato:…
Join Me
The chamber is empty save for a large calm pool of water. The golden light of dusk fills the chamber bathing it in a heavenly glow. Peace and calm reign. Then slowly from the water a dark hair goddess rises. She stretches and seems to welcome the coming evening. Then she notices she is not alone.

"Will you join me?" She says sweetly. "If you do not find me beautiful I can summon another."

Nathifa is my character and creation the art is a commission by the High Priest of Nathifa :icontaziobettin:
Desert Wind
There is a legend that travels in the circles of darkness and is whispered among the forces of evil that ravage sands. It is of one that destroys armies and demons, challenges the will of the gods and dominates those who oppress the weak and helpless. A warrior of unmatched speed and skill, the strongest warrior in the world before who all fall in defeat. As beautiful at the evening sky she is the Desert Wind, the Dusk Princess and the Daughter of the God-King, Nathifa!

Nathifa is my character and creation the art is a commission by the High Priest of Nathifa :icontaziobettin:
False Trail
Red dealt with the  crocodiles as swiftly and gently as possible, they were just hungry beasts. She wrestled and tossed they out into the deep part of the river before heading to shore. The trail led to the city of the dead. The paladin cursed softly.

"There is magic afoot here."

She hated dealing with Necromancers. But there was no choice but to move on. Deeper into the city of tombs the flame hair warrior went but all was silent. She came on a tomb with the seal broken and knew she reached her goal. Red moved to the heavy stone door but before she reached it several skeleton warriors burst from the sand.

"Looks like this is the place."

She charged in swinging her mighty fists shattering bone. Red knew it would get worse. She picked up some fallen weapons and then kicked in the stone door. The mighty paladin entered the dark chamber.

"Welcome to your doomed, Paladin." The Tomb Queen hissed.

The mummy gestured and Re was surrounded by an arm of mummy warriors.

"Crap, this I a false trail." Red sighed. "Well I will deal with you lot and then start over."

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by Luis XIII


United States
Current Residence: North Central Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Those of you who worship a different Goddess than Red can also use that dusky Beauty Nathifa or any of their fellow heroines for Halloween too (Bad Girls too).
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Midori and Red are nearing the end, who should win and who should die? 

84 deviants said Midori dies, wicked warriors must be punished!
36 deviants said Red dies, I love to see the hero fall!


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Hello watching an image of young Red, i wanted to ask, how old is Red, she looks strong, but i think she is young, i beleive she is 25 more or less and Nathifa no idea 
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Red is 22 in body. She never seems to age more than that.

Nathifa is 24.
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Wow, i always imagine Red beign older than Nathifa, love, it, also can i ask, and sorry for so many questions, i love both Red and Nathifa, thanks a million for both, thanks there will be more of those two sweating, or hot, or in an adventure together in the future
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Red is older than Nathifa in soul, but in body the Princess is older. There will be more sweaty adventures when I get time.
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