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Tina 1 by pumpmonger
Tina 1

The screams filled the jungle as the beautiful blonde ran at full speed. She paid little attention to where she ran other than away from her pursuers.

“Why didn’t I listen and stay in camp?” She thought as she charged heedlessly on.

The branches of the trees slapped into her as she plowed on. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see dark shadowy figures matching her and then starting to pull ahead. She struggled to gain speed but is was hopeless.

“Now I know how the fox feels in the hunt.”

She was at her limit and was beginning to wonder how she was escape when she hit the tree trunk and fell on the ground. She shook her head and looked up at the tree, but it was not a tree.

“Who…? Who are you?”

The woman was a giant with flame red head and freckles, and she was barely wearing anything! Grim faced the woman looked down at her wit violet eyes that seemed to pierce the very soul.  The eyes looked back up and the woman held up her hand as she drew a knife. She spoke in the native tongue to the largest of the surrounding dark skin warrior women. The back and for seemed tense even though there were no raised voice. The dark warriors pointed and nodded before leaving.

“You can get up now.” The red head said, her voice was strong and firm but had a musical feel to it.

The blonde scrambled to her feet and looked away from the hard muscled body of the red head. She blushed as she felt the urge to look back and admire it.

“Are you hurt?” The red head asked.

She had to look, even if it was not proper to admire a half naked woman. She was like a vision from a adventure story, wild and fierce but so stunningly beautiful in her power.

“Who are you?” The blonde managed to stammer.

“I think that is my question. Who are you and why are you running around my jungle?”

A flash of defiance bloomed in the blonde, she stuck out her lower lip and stood her ground. The red head laughed.

“Alright. I am called Red. I am protector of the jungle.” Red said bowing.

“I am Lady Christina Fletcher.” The lovely blonde said modestly.

“Lady?” Red raised an eyebrow.

“Call me Tina. And thank you. I owe you.”

More than you think. I promised them my life for your good behavior. So no more going on sacred lands.”

“You did What?! But I did not go on any sacred land! Did I?” Tina asked.

She could not take her eyes off this magnificent hero, she was so tall, so muscled, so sexy. She wanted to touch her but blushed to think about being so bold.

“You had better come with me, Tina.” Red scooped her up in one arm and grabbed a vine.

Tina was so shocked she did not resist but instead laid her head on the powerful freckled chest and enjoyed the ride. Maybe things were going to be alright after all.

Red and Tina are my characters and creations, the art is by the Legendary Rich Larson

Most Beautiful by pumpmonger
Most Beautiful
Nathifa rose from her bath of milk and glistened in the light like the goddess she would become. The suitors and servants bowed low.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the World." One of the suitors proclaimed.

"Beauty means nothing to me." The Princess snorted. "I am the Strongest Warrior in the World. I must be to protect my people."

"What of the Dawn Princess?" A voice asked.

Nathifa smiled.

"Red? She is cute with those freckles, but I am her mistress when it comes to strength. I could break her if I desired."

Nathifa is my character and creation, the art is a commission by the High Priest of Nathifa  taziobettin
The Feel of Freedom by pumpmonger
The Feel of Freedom
Red drove the poachers from the jungle and defeated the cannibals that aided them. The fight had been hard and she had suffered many tortures and perils but now, for the moment, the jungle was at peace.

"That was close. I must pick a hero to train for when I am gone." She sighed as she reached the cliff over the river.

She stood for a moment and admired the view. So many places, so many views over time. She loved them all. Each made her heart ache knowing she would lose them no matter how hard she fought.

"I must be really tired to have these black thoughts." She laughed.

Red ripped off her loincloth and tossed it with the broken blade. She stood posed at the edge of the cliff and then leapt off. The feeling of freedom filled her and the cool winds whipped past her body.

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by the epic heroine lover taziobettin
Jungle Rage by pumpmonger
Jungle Rage
The cat attacked without warning. From the beginning Red could tell there was something wrong. The eyes were glassy and the movements without the usual grace. But she had little time to think about this as the claws sliced her freckled skin. She had been relaxing in the old temple complex and was armed with only her dagger. She grappled with the huge beast while reaching for her blade. Red pulled and drove the dagger into the cat's side but there was no reaction.

"Drugged." She hissed, this was now a fight to the death.

Red kicked the beast off of her and scrambled to get her footing.

"UGGGHHH!" The beast struck again causing the hero to grunt in pain and send her sprawling.

Red hit hard and her dagger went flying. She scrambled after it reaching under the fallen stone blocked of the temple where is landed. She heard the cat growl and stretched searching but nothing.


She braced her shoulder on the block and shifted the huge weight, her hand closed on a hilt. Red rose spinning and lashed out with the blade. She was stunned to see the head of the cat fly free. She looked at her hand and saw not her dagger but a broken sword, much like one she used in a former life. It felt good in her hand. She grabbed the severed head and lifted it high with a roar of victory but inside her heart she swore to find who had drugged the beautiful beast and forced her to slay it. They would pay!!!!

Red is my character and creation, the art is a commission by the super awesome taziobettin
Birthday Gift: The Red Bull by pumpmonger
Birthday Gift: The Red Bull
The only thing louder than the roar of the crowd was the screams of the dying. Each one was a criminal or murder, each one would sell their own mother for gold. Each one thought, foolishly they could take down the Red Bull.

"Bull! Bull! Bull!" The crowd chanted as the last one was cut down.

She smile and faced the King.

"Your wicked rule will end soon enough." She purred but the cheers of the crowd drown her words. "There will be Justice and no Mercy."

Red is my character and creation, the art is a birthday gift from the wonderful johnnyharadrim


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Hi folks,

If you plan to do anything for my Halloween Jam time is getting short. Please send me anything you would like posted as soon as you can.
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Red is beheaded and dead, if this is truly her end who should be my new flagship character? 

129 deviants said Red had better not be dead!
36 deviants said Nathifa, the Princess is noble and strong.
16 deviants said Eleanor! She is the one to end Red's legend.
11 deviants said Viper the Sexy Vampire Babe
10 deviants said Christy DuMont, the Golden Hero
7 deviants said Bolt, she will avenge Red.
7 deviants said Kura, Red's Evil Double
6 deviants said Onyx the Cannibal Chief
5 deviants said Atalia, the Mighty Titan
5 deviants said Megan the Pirate Hunter


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