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Red knew it was coming, there was nothing she could do other than brace. The powerful muscles in the freckled back flexed as hard as steel.


Red felt the impact right to her bones. Pain ripped across her body and her breath was knocked from her lungs. Her head hit hard and she saw spots.

"Fight it, girl. Fight it." She thought as she struggled to recover.

She heard Olga giggling with pleasure.

"You will be mine." The lovely Russian growled.

Red could not think of a better fate for losing, but her nature would not let her give in while there was strength left in her body.

Continued from here

Mature Content

Epic Slam by pumpmonger

Red is my character and creation, Soviet Superwoman belongs to the wonderful :iconsoviet-superwoman: soviet-superwoman.deviantart.c…

The art is a commission by the amazing new Red lover :iconkaywest:
Epic Slam
With a surge of power Olga lifted the mighty paladin off the mat.

"Crap, she has got me." Red thought.

Olga swung her freckled opponent all the way up. Red desperately wiggled and tried to lock Olga's head between her thighs, but the Soviet Superwoman was having none of it. She leapt into the air and swung Red down toward the mat.

"Oh Noooooo!" Red said unable to do more than brace for the impact.

Continued from here 

Mature Content

Got Her by pumpmonger

Red is my character and creation, Soviet Superwoman belongs to the wonderful :iconsoviet-superwoman: soviet-superwoman.deviantart.c…

The art is a commission by the amazing new Red lover :iconkaywest:
Unstoppable Team
One is unearthly in her blue beauty, they other is cold and flawless. An unlikely team but one that has proven unstoppable. Bolt, a hero of the first order, bested in strength and skill by only one other. She possesses a will power unequalled by any mortal. Moonlight, a magical being of near god like power. Trapped and enslaved but has found one who treats her as a friend and equal. These two freely give their trust and affection to each other and become great than they would be alone.

Bolt and Moonlight are my characters and creations,  the art is by the super awesome new Red friend  :iconfirehonest942: 
Calm in Battle
Christy Dumont is a leader of the first order, master strategist, and hero to millions. She has fought demons, toppled empires and brought both peace and strife. But there is one key to her success in battle.

"Remain calm."

Not that she does not feel battle rage and excitement, but deep down she is always focus on the fight and her next move. Rage and joy in battle may fill her face but this eyes are always sharp, always focused on finding victory! 

Christy is my character and creation, the art is a commission by with wonderful  :iconhipponova:
Zero vs Midori part 1

The two met in a forest clearing. It was not by chance but a planned duel, long in the coming. They could have not looked more different. One in full court kimono and the other in the briefest of armor and split brocade skirt with a fully enclosed helmet and mask.  The masked warrior was taken aback by the garb of her opponent.


“You dishonor me by not taking me seriously, Midori.”


The woman in the court dress bowed low.


“Not at all, Lady Zero. Give me a moment and I will be ready.”


Midori was slightly shorter than Zero but even covered by the kimono it was clear she was broad shouldered and heavily muscled. She quickly disrobed from the colorful flowered kimono and under garments and stood nearly naked, clad in only a brief skirt. In her hand she held a sheathed katana and slipped into the band of the skirt behind her back was the shorter wakizashi. She was well oiled and she skin shone like burnished gold. Zero motioned to a flash and cups nearby and Midori nodded. They knelt on the cool grass and Zero poured and offered Midori a cup before taking one herself.


“The blossoms were lovely this year.” Midori said softly.


“Yes, only a few hang on with the coming of summer.”


“There could not be a better time to die than with the last of the falling blossoms.”


Zero’s helmet bobbed in agreement as they finished. She stared at Midori with burning hate filled eyes. Everything about this warrior filled her heart with burning rage. The bastard child of high nobility, blessed with great beauty and strength, undefeated in battle and admired by her clan. While she, Zero, had been stripped of her very name, banished from her clan, sealed in this mask and helmet for eternity.


“Shall we?” Midori asked raising one lovely eyebrow.


They rose and paced back from each other before drawing their blades.


“I will have my revenge.” Zero intoned.


Midori remained calm.


“Revenge?” She asked.


“Your father and your clan destroyed my Clan and sealed me in the horrible doom.”


“And you ambushed and killed him for it.” Midori said. “I would not be here except for two reasons. One, I want your oath that if you kill me your revenge ends. Leave my sister alone. And two, I need to test my skill against yours.”


Zero laughed.


“I have no interest in your sister.” She lied. “And I too am thrilled to finally face you. Your legend has grown large in the region. I mean to claim it and your life.”


They held their sword out horizontally resting in both palms bowing before straitening to face each other in deadly earnest. They moved with skilled grace, each watching for an opening. In their minds they analyzed each attack and the reaction like chess players. For long moments there was only the sound of the warriors breathing and the moving of bare feet on the grass. Suddenly Zero thrust forward with the blade, Midori slashed blocking. Three more attacks passed before they parted. Both were panting heavy and sweating. A thin red line dripped slowly across Midori’s belly. Zero shrugged and armor protecting her chest dropped free, the straps holding it cut through by Midori’s sword.


“First blood.” Zero said.


They moved right and left, eyes locked. This time Midori moved first. She came in high two hand slashing repeatedly driving Zero back with sheer power. Zero braced her feet and caught the last slash and they locked near chest to chest. Zero dove her knee into Midori’s groin and the warrior gasped. She staggered back and Zero forward thrusting her blade at the exposed chest. Midori dodged to the side barely avoiding the thrust. She roll and came up into a crouch. She rose and took her stance. Zero moved in.


“Shall we finish this?” Zero said.


Midori nodded once. They charged as one. Swords clashed, blood sprayed. Zero dropped to her kneels. She clutched her side. Midori stood over her. Zero lowered her head exposing her neck.


“Do not force me to do this.” Midori said.


“Your sister is already dead. My assassins attacked while you are here.” Zero chuckled.


Midori’s eyes went wide.






The blade sliced off Zero’s head. Midori fled the clearing to her horse and rode hard. All was still for many hours, then Zero’s body moved. It reached out and grabbed the head replacing it on her neck.


“That hurt, but was well worth the price.”

Midori is my character and creation, Zero (pictured above) and the art were created and owned by :iconbabaugaliano:



United States
Current Residence: North Central Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Here is the second tagging. This one for Red from :iconmaragrizx: and :iconzamboniman:

1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag other 8 characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Mature Content

Blazing Glory by pumpmonger

8 facts on Red

1. She was originally created as a one shot character for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but she was so awesome I had to use her again. This inspired her curse, how to bring a dead character back.

2. I wanted a character who was a true old fashion hero. Red is a arch type hero, she knows right and wrong, she is not full of made up angst, she is a happy person who loves the world and does her best to help others. I was tired of the whiny crybaby angst ridden creature in modern culture.

3. She was created to be a woman warrior who looks like a warrior. I was tired of women characters in comics and movies who were pimped as warriors but looked like super models. Red has the level of build and muscle to use heavy weapons against any foe.

4. Red is not immortal, she is hyper mortal. When she is killed she really dies, with all the pain and suffering which goes with it. She is cast into Hell body and soul with all the pain and suffering of the damned, she must battle her way out and return tot he mortal coil knowing full well that this will happen again someday for the final time. Immortals never die, Mortals die only once, Hyper Mortals die many times.

5. Red loves men. The joke of her curse is she cannot protect her heart, that is from love too. When love is given she must take it. Because she rescues so many maidens, she gets caught in "situations" with them. She enjoys it but longs for the love of a good man. She has had a few true loves in her long existence and these have been men.

6. Red is as strong as possible for a mortal. How strong is that? As strong as Red is LOL.

7. I will never create a timeline for Red. It would trap the character in borders, limiting her. She has no limits or boundaries.

8. Red does not always die. I hear this a lot and I understand it is mostly from love of the character. She can die, she does die, it makes her perils more real and exciting. However, she usually wins and goes on. Perils are not death, danger is not death, only when she is dead is that death.
  • Listening to: Classical
  • Reading: History
  • Watching: COPS
  • Playing: Total War
  • Eating: Asian
  • Drinking: Water

seonidas and I have been discussing a epic battle to the death between Red and Onyx. Who should win this epic fight? 

104 deviants said Red, she is pure of heart and the hero. She should overcome any threat and peril!
52 deviants said Onyx, she is a hero to her tribe! She is bigger and stronger. No way Red should win!


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